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Top Seven Most Common Email Mistakes

Don’t let simple mistakes set your email campaigns up for failure. We polled our Client Service team to find out what the most common email campaign mistakes were. These are easy-to-fix errors that cause a whole slew of issues, from …

Fan Engagement/Monetization (Guest Series)

“What is the first thing I should be communicating to a fan after they join my list? Should I be selling?”

This is probably one of the most common questions artists have when starting to communicate with their fans. We …

Building a Fan Base: The Most Common Mistakes Artists Make (Guest Series Part III)


Part III of our guest series is here for you to enjoy.

This Week’s Guests:

David Mitchell (Amalgamation magazine/, Andy Bernstein (, Audrey Faine (CBS Records/A2IM), Isha Edwards (EPiC Measures)

What we asked:

What are the 2 biggest mistakes

How to Engage Fans Between Albums and Tours (Guest Series Part II)


Hoping you enjoyed our last post, here is the second part of our guest series.

This Week’s Guests:

Randy Alexander (Randex Communications), Wendy Brynford-Jones (Hello Wendy), Heather West (Western Publicity), Bruce Burch (University of Georgia)

What we asked:


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