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Meet FanBridge: Heather!

Ever wonder who’s in charge of making the magic happen here at FanBridge? Every Friday, we’ll introduce you to one of our very awesome team members. We’ve all submitted questions to the lucky FanBridger through our own Fan Questions

Simple Ways to Avoid Email Targeting Mistakes

Were you one of the 8 million recipients of an accidental email from The New York Times? Yesterday’s email regarding a discount for canceling subscribers created a lot of confusion. The message was intended for around 300 recipients but …

True to Form: Customizing HTML Signup Forms

For the longest time, HTML code was Greek to me.  But after some practice, it became a language that could be manipulated into taking something from ordinary to extraordinary.  You can harness this potential in more than just the HTML …

Wishful Linking

Just as every email campaign you send should have a clear message, it should also have suggested actions for your fans to take. For example, if your message is that new tour dates are available, you will want the …

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