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Case Study: Bess Rogers

Bess Rogers
(Website/Facebook/Fan Action Page)

Goal: Raise $10,000 on Kickstarter

Fan funding can be a great way to raise money for creative projects. However, the “funding” step doesn’t tend to go very well without

Powered by FanBridge: Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss is an energetic 23-year-old with an electric guitar, an avid online following, and a whole lot of feelings. With her quirky charm and sharp pop sensibilities, Weiss makes losing a little more fun. Now performing with a full …

Powered by FanBridge: Amy Kuney

When Amy Kuney was 13 years old, her dad was called to be a missionary in Honduras. As a family, they weren’t quite cut out for the mission field – and as a middle schooler, neither was Amy. One moment …

Powered by FanBridge: Martha’s Trouble

Critically acclaimed Americana folk/pop duo Martha’s Trouble know what its like to do things on their own. The group has self-released ten albums over twelve years, including “Forget October”. Martha’s Trouble songs have been featured in TV shows and movies, …

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