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Analytics and Statistics: A Lesson From “Moneyball”

I’m Justin, and I started here in July as Director of Sports Industry Relations. I’ll be dropping by the blog every now and then to talk sports, FanBridge, fan management – and how they all work together.

Michael Lewis

Feature Update: MORE Analytics!

What’s better than analytics?


FanBridge campaign analytics now contain data about your fans’ click-thru habits. While you can still see who’s clicking on what links in your campaigns, analytics also display:

  • what media has been downloaded

Powered by FanBridge: Martha’s Trouble

Critically acclaimed Americana folk/pop duo Martha’s Trouble know what its like to do things on their own. The group has self-released ten albums over twelve years, including “Forget October”. Martha’s Trouble songs have been featured in TV shows and movies, …

The Art of Sending Effective Email Newsletters: Tips On Sending Effective Fan Newsletters

As an artist, there is no end to the number of social media outlets where you can send updates to fans through. From Twitter, to Facebook, to MySpace, it’s hard to judge which networks your fans pay attention to the …

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