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4 Tips for Loyalty Segmentation

How do you reward your biggest fans? You can’t start until you’re able to identify who those fans, customers, and clients are. Loyalty segmentation can be a difficult process, especially for those looking to reward fans for engagement and interaction. …

What is Engagement?

Navigating the different social media platforms these days can be quite overwhelming. In addition to maintaining a presence on so many networks, you are also expected to track your performance and understand how you can better connect with your audience from those numbers! When looking at social media analytics, there are a lot of numbers to sort through, and one of the most important metrics to watch is always “Engagement.”

An Introductory Guide to the New Facebook Insights

New Facebook Insights are working their way into page accounts. While you can generally still access the old ones, you’ll have to start using the new version sooner than later. Don’t stress – they’re easy to understand and, in our …

New Weekly Account Update

Someone give us a reality show because we can’t stop with these makeovers. In the past two months, we’ve redesigned, Social Digest, and the damntheradio dashboard. Time for a break? Nah. If you’re a FanBridge user, …