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FanBridge signup forms can take on many kinds of looks, but they can also take on many kinds of functions as seen in the different embed options. Don’t know how each one works or which form is a good fit? Get to know all options available, starting with our splash page and how it can grow your mailing list quickly.

Option One: Splash Pages

FanBridge Sign Up Form Widiget Alex G

A splash page is a signup form that appears as an overlay on a landing page. The splash page is triggered any time a new visitor accesses any webpage that includes this code. Splash pages are becoming more and more common as they are extremely effective in converting page visitors into mailing list subscribers. In fact, a site with a splash page can collect – on average – up to 400% more email opt-ins than an inline form.

Where should I put the code?

Paste the code for your splash page just above the closing </body > tag on your website or blog.

How is it smart?

As mentioned before, this is the most successful way to grow your mailing list. It’s also unobtrusive; once someone joins your list they won’t see the form again for a whole year. If they don’t join, a visitor won’t be prompted again until 3 days after their initial visit. If a visitor selects anywhere outside of the form, it will automatically disappear and take them to their main destination.

Why should I choose this option over others?

The great thing about these signup forms is that you don’t HAVE to choose just one signup form over the others. You can implement as many you want. However the effectiveness of the splash page growing a mailing list is what outranks the other options.


What are the best practices of using a Splash Page?

1. Keep it simple – A beautiful header and only a couple of fields will get more fans to sign up. Save the longer forms for the embeddable signup form option.

2. Customize! – Make sure to create the form so that it stands out from the rest of your site. Unlike an embedded signup form where you would want to make the form uniform with your site, your splash page should have contrasting colors in order to stick out.

3. Use enticing wording – Why should someone signup for your list? What do your fans get out of signing up? Give your new fans an immediate reason to join. This is a perfect opportunity to get creative as this form is a mailing list first impression for many of your fans.

Create a splash page form of your own


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