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Coming in on the tail of our Video Answers for Fan Questions and Video Gating releases, FanBridge is happy to share that you can now post a YouTube bulletin using Social-NET.  This feature is a great way to introduce your YouTube channel subscribers to your email list.  While YouTube bulletins don’t yet allow for HTML or much more than simple text, you can include a link that YouTube will automatically convert to a hyperlink.  What better to share with your subscribers than your most recent email campaign?  You can do this in a few incredibly easy steps with FanBridge.

There are two ways you can post a bulletin to your YouTube subscribers from within your FanBridge account:

Once you log in to your FanBridge account, click on the “Post to Followers” button.

Once the slider opens, click the red YouTube button to begin the authorization process.

Upon your acceptance, your YouTube account will then be shown in the list of available social accounts you can choose to post to.


Now that the account is linked, you can compose a message in the text box and choose to send the post to your YouTube channel (and other networks if you desire) by selecting it in the box to the right.  You can then choose to send the post right away or schedule it for a later time.

The second way to send a bulletin through FanBridge is to click on the Campaigns tab and select “Compose social post”

You can then type your message in the box, select the network(s) you want to post to (authorizing YouTube if needed), and then choose a past email campaign to include in your post, if desired.  As before, you can then send immediately or schedule the post to send later on.

While you are limited to only text and links in a YouTube bulletin, this is a great way to introduce your channel subscribers to your email list so they know that they don’t have to always go to YouTube to see you.  They can now sign up for your list and get news and updates from you every time you send a campaign using FanBridge.


Create and schedule your YouTube bulletin using Social-NET now.



  • DC Cardwell

    Great news! I think Youtube is becoming more and more important and in the last little while I’ve found it really good for making new fans and friends. I see they have just improved their interface further to make the site even more social-friendly than it used to be.