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In September of 2011, we launched the first version of the Social Digest. In July of 2012, v2 featured a new design. We’re excited to announce v3 of our Social Digest – where the look of the email is up to you the user.

Social Digest v3 is now more customizable than ever in theme, content, and functionality, making for an email experience that is as unique to you as the social posts that make up the digest.

SD part 2.jpgThe first big change to the Social Digest – no more ads. The only thing accompanying your social content is any extra items you want to add to the email.

Another customization improvement is the ability to approve or deny content to be included in your email before it goes out. Have a Facebook post that generated a lot of engagement but you don’t want it in your digest? Simply remove it and we’ll find something to take its place.

And on top of the customization of the posts that make it to your digest, you can customize the theme of your digest even further. You decide the background, font type, banner image, etc. Your Global Settings will be automatically applied to your digests (if you haven’t set that up yet, do so here), but if you have a unique look in mind that you want for these emails, you can change it up as little or as much as you’d like.

Our last upgrade? All the targeting power you enjoy in your regular email campaigns can be applied to your digests. This means you can target specific segments of your mailing list as opposed to sending to everyone. You have more power to decide the day, time, and frequency of deployment. So go ahead and send just your Super and Casual Fans a digest every 10 days on Friday at 5:15pm. The possibilities are endless.

There are some things we aren’t changing for v3. You still always have the ability to skip or stop a digest from going out. Also, we will still give you a preview of your digest 24 hours before it deploys, allowing you time to make any needed edits.

So if you haven’t checked out the new Social Digest yet, give it a try HERE.



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