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Yesterday afternoon, we rolled out updates to Social Digest. Based on your feedback, we’ve modified the digest to better highlight your content. If you haven’t tried Social Digest yet or have your campaigns paused, come try it out and see the new changes for yourself.

Here is a full list of updates from Tyler, our head of design:

1.  Brand new design. We went with a more elegant approach to Social Digest with darker colors which cover the email canvas a lot better.  The idea behind this is that it highlights your content more effectively making even minute amounts of content a rich interactive experience.

2.  New artist icon in the header. We added a new large icon of you via Facebook in the header so your readers instantly know who the email is from.

3.  Better white space. The new email contains improved white space and is accented with clear divides.  This empowers each piece of your content with visibility and bolsters interaction substantially.

4.  Content counts. More analytics per each piece of social content which is featured.  e.g., this Facebook post has 1,200 likes and 432 comments.

5.  Image restraint. Images are now uniform and won’t pixelate when sent out.  This creates a consistent readingexperience for everyone.

6.  Icon Indicators. We added icons to the title areas of each section to indicate which networks were being displayed.

7.  Modules. We reconfigured everything so that no matter what content you have (be it a lot or very little) your email will still look amazing.  Everything is modularized into blocks which will automatically position themselves into the most optimal configuration.

  • Cynthia Shelhart

    Soooo much nicer. Thank you!

  • Cynthia Shelhart

    Soooo much nicer. Thank you!

  • Jessica Lynne

    Yes definitely better – although the dark interface doesn’t really fit my brand image. Any plans on choosing between a white and a dark interface?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure right now, but I’ll pass that along as feedback. We had found that the dark background makes the content pop a lot more.

  • Nasa/Adam Warlock

    I really love this idea and the look of it.  My one concern is that with this and my regular emails that it will overload inboxes.  I’d like to have one of the following options:  An opt in that I can place in my regular emails so people that want to join can on their own.  Options that are monthly or bi-monthly instead of weekly.  An option to simply send whenever we choose to send it instead of it being done automatically.  Maybe there is a way to do this already I’m just not seeing it.  

    Since we have a lot of people on our list and send about 2 emails a month already, this would be great for our avid readers.  Maybe there’s even away to implement it with the Fan Rankings?


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the input! We do not yet have targeting or scheduling features on the Social Digest like we do for regular email campaigns, but I can check with the team and see if something is in the works.