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Not sure what to make of signup forms – if you need them or where to put them?

Don’t fret. Class is in session:

1. Add a signup form to all the sites that make up your web presence.

Not posting a signup form where people are discovering you and enjoying your content is definitely a missed opportunity…

Fans that visit your website or your Facebook/Myspace page are, at the very least, interested in finding out more about you.  Presenting them with a signup form – right there, where they’ve already come looking for you – is a perfect way to let them know about your mailing list.  And your mailing list, of course, is a great way to let fans know there’s an easy way to stay in touch with you and build an even closer relationship.


Place your signup form on ALL of your websites/social media channels! Fans may not necessarily visit all of these sites, so posting the signup form widget everywhere can only help you grow your fan database faster.

Not sure how to place your signup form on your website, Facebook, Myspace?  Don’t sweat it – it’s not that hard!

To get the code to copy/paste to your website, just visit the Signup Form tab and choose the one you want.  Each type of form has varying degrees of customization – from the very customizable simple HTML form to the basic small Flash form – so no matter where it’s going, there are plenty of options to get the right form for the right site.

For Facebook:
For Myspace:

2. Make it stand out.

Ok, so now you have a sign up form everywhere.  Nice!  But where is it and how does it look?  Just because you have a signup form posted doesn’t mean everyone will see it and use it…

For best results, your signup form should be in the right place and have the right look.  It needs to stand out!

Avoid common mistakes like:

- Placing the signup form at the very bottom of the page where people will only see it if they scroll all the way down.

- Burying the form in a place crowded with a bunch of other images and text.

- Creating a form that doesn’t tell people why they should enter their email. (“Join My Mailing List” should be the minimum.)

Remember, don’t make them work for it – make it as easy for your fans to sign up as possible!


-   The signup form should be visible at first glance.  Place the form near the top of your page or in a place that’s super noticeable.

-   Let fans know why they should be an official subscriber with calls to action like:

“Join the list and get a FREE download of an exclusive acoustic track.”
“Join my list and get an exclusive backstage video of my last show!”
“Join the list for exclusive updates straight to your inbox.”

…or whatever you come up with that speaks to your unique audience.

- When choosing your signup form, try to match your website design as much as possible.  You want your signup form to fit seamlessly with the rest of your site’s design instead of a last-minute afterthought.

3. Give fans a reason to join your list.

Fan incentives are the best way to give fans a reason to subscribe and make them feel appreciated. Getting something for free is always awesome, but you can make it even more special by offering something people can get only if they are subscribers.  Why not give away a bonus track not included on your album, a different version of one of your singles, a backstage photo, an exclusive video, and so on?  The possibilities are endless…


Give away something EXCLUSIVE that will truly reward your fans.  You’ve got to figure…the better the incentive, the higher the odds your fans will tell others about it!

Want more tips like this? Sign up for the Fan Marketing Institute and get free weekly lessons designed to help you get more fans, cultivate loyalty, and turn fans into customers.


  • mlk

    I would love to add an exclusive video as fan incentive, but with the 10mb file size limit, all I'd be giving them is a tiny, pixelated embarrassment. Even for audio 10mg is peanuts. Isn't it time you increased the file size? I'd also like to be able to give away more than one audio track at once – like an EP – but ZIP files are not allowed.

  • Adam Scrimshire

    I agree, as an incentive goes the low quality conversion needed to squeeze one into the limited size you offer is not really good enough. If you can't up the size maybe another option here is needed.

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