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Email signup forms should be everywhere, including your blog. How you collect email addresses on your blog differs by the type of blogging platform you use. We’re going to look at two major blog platforms (WordPress and Tumblr), help you set up a signup form, and share some tips that apply to any blog.
Powered by: WordPress
If your blog is powered by WordPress and you haven’t built your own theme from scratch, you’ll need to find a plugin to insert a signup form. There are also generic signup forms that will import to the location you specify (usually through an API from a 3rd party service). Additionally, there are some complex plugins that will export directly to a .csv file. To find the best plugin for your blog, begin by searching the WordPress plugin database that you can access after logging into your dashboard. There are also some HTML plugins that allow code embedding in a WordPress sidebar. We like this one for FanBridge’s HTML and Flash signup forms.
wordpress email signup form
If you’ve built a custom theme or you’ve had a designer make one for you, you can insert the code directly into the theme. On the side navigation bar in WordPress, choose Appearance > Editor. Open the piece of your theme that contains the code for the area you’d like to insert the signup form. You’ll probably want to choose either the sidebar or header for optimum signups. Insert your HTML code and save. This method is the most customizable, but does require some code knowledge.

Four Year Strong Signup

Powered by: Tumblr
The best way to include a signup form on Tumblr is to add it to the header of your theme. When a form is placed in the header, it appears on every page of your Tumblr. Unlike WordPress, Tumblr doesn’t require a plugin to include a signup form. Regular HTML or javascript will work. To add the form, open up your dashboard to begin editing your theme. Paste the code for your form into the “Description” field.
Fun Email Tumblr Signup
You can also add a link to your preferred point of signup, like a custom Facebook app or a Fan Action Page. Once again, you’ll need to open your dashboard to edit. Scroll towards the bottom of the grey sidebar and expand the section called “Pages.” Click “Add a Page” and open the menu at the top to select “Redirect” instead of “Standard Layout.” Enter the URL of the page to which you’d like to link.
allison weiss tumblr signup
Bonus Tip! Always include a Call to Action

Individual blog posts are a great place to drive signups. At the end of each post, include a CTA to signup for your list. We suggest using copy like:

“Want updates delivered straight to your inbox? Join the fan list!”

This kind of CTA is clear and direct while functioning to give the reader a convenient option for receiving information.

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