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Why is it so hard to spot your own tpyos typos?


It’s because your brain is too smart. Or as explained by psychologist Tom Stafford, you’re likely skipping a typo because you are performing “higher-level brain functions” called generalizations. A great way to combat your brain from being too smart to catch these spelling slips and grammar errors is to have someone else proofread your work.


This is why we recommend sending a test of your campaign, not just to yourself, but to others before sending it out to your many subscribers. And it’s easier than ever to send to multiple people that will give you the thumbs up or alert you to a change you might want to make before deploying.


To send your tests, select the blue Preview and Test button, which will launch a preview of the current state of your campaign.


Preview and Test 1


Type in one or more addresses to which you want to send a test and separate them out by a space. Added someone by accident? You can remove that single address by selecting the X to the right of the address.


Preivew and Test 2


When all intended recipients are listed, click the Send Test button and we’ll deliver your test campaign to those addresses. Knowing it was proofed, you can give a sigh of relief when you send out this campaign to everyone.



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