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This guest post is by Tim Putnam, VP of Marketing & Client Services at Moontoast. For more info on Moontoast, read our Partner Feature here.

We’re thrilled to be working with FanBridge to help musicians, athletes, and entertainers optimize how they connect with fans, build relationships, and offer unique commerce opportunities as a reward for, well, being awesome.

The Moontoast Social Store let’s you add products, manage inventory, and distribute offers directly within Facebook (and across other social streams). The store is fully integrated as part of the FanBridge Partner Ecosystem, bringing our social commerce technology into a robust Facebook experience. I thought I’d share some strategies we share with our clients that, hopefully, will be helpful to anyone trying to build and nurture a fan base on Facebook.

We think of social commerce as a way to reach fans within their browsing experience with well-curated offers, but we believe the relationship with your fans is paramount, and you should not always be selling. In fact, talking with your fans and being authentic with them is the first step in a healthy social media strategy. So…with that understanding, here are five steps to be successful with social commerce all year long.


We all know what it feels like to need an offer up yesterday…that pit-in-the-gut sickness that you feel rushing to get in front of a deadline that’s already passed you by just sucks. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, it’s a good idea to create a campaign schedule. Obviously, the occasional surprise will pop up, but it’s pretty easy to look at the year coming up and decide when to push commerce to your fans. We recommend you run five commerce campaigns a year. A campaign is a dedicated push around a specific offer. Of course you can have your music and merchandise up all year long, but in social, people aren’t checking their streams to catalog shop. They are consuming news as it comes into their feed and since more updates will push your update off the page over time, your posts have a limited time to make an impression. Campaigns make a lot of sense in this context – delivering specific commerce opportunities for short bursts of time.

Five recommended campaigns might be:

  1. Give away a new song demo. 1 – 2 week campaign.
  2. Presale campaign for a new album. 4-6 week campaign.
  3. Overstock sale. 2 times a year for 1 week.
  4. Exclusive merch – partner with a brand to make unique products. 2 week campaign.
  5. Digital EP. 2 week campaign.

Schedule these out over a year and your community will grow to expect offers through social and word of mouth will start to spread.


As your dates get close, build out your campaigns based on your campaign calendar. Add products and inventory. Clearly, you don’t have to set this up for the entire upcoming year, but at least for the upcoming campaign you’re about to launch.


Before the campaign even begins, start dropping hints on your social channels that something is coming. This builds hype and creates expectation so down the road your fans won’t feel blind-sided. There is also a little subliminal messaging going on at this time. As familiar as social networks are, people aren’t used to shopping within them. By communicating that you trust the platform enough to promote sales through it, you’re also conditioning your audience to have confidence in the impulse purchase as well as setting up a buying opportunity in the back of their mind – they are going to be rewarded for being fans.

During the campaign we recommend posting your offer 3-5 times a week. Sometimes it makes sense to post more, but in general, that’s a good place to start. Call out milestones like “Only 5 days left” and “Buy before December 16 to get it in time for Christmas”. This might feel like marketing/sales overkill, so feel free to get your own voice in there with the messaging, but those kinds of call-outs are actually a good service to your fans who may have been on the fence and really want to buy, but have waited for whatever reason. If you hate selling yourself, get a manager or your mom to do it. Seriously.


When the launch date hits, your primary objective is to drive as much traffic to the store as possible. FanBridge has an incredible suite of tools that help you get the message out to your fans and drive them back to your FanBridge Facebook Fan Page. The Moontoast Distributed Store™ is one of those tools. Click the Facebook or Twitter icons on your Moontoast Distributed Store™ to push the offer into your social channels. Ask your fans to do the same. The average Facebook user has 130 fans, so by getting your offer in front of their friends, the exposure starts to jump up exponentially.

Keep pushing it out regularly. Like I said above, 3-5 times a week is a good start, but use your judgment based on how your audience is responding and the length of the campaign.


During and after your campaign, see what kind of stats you’re getting. Pay attention not only to units sold and revenue, but conversion rate (transactions/impressions), average order size, and traffic to the page. Use Facebook Insights or Moontoast’s Analytics Suite to see which posts generated the most revenue and which had the most engagement. Then use this data to make the next campaign even better.

Having a plan going into a new year makes a ton of difference. As you continue to post offers to your fans, you’ll see the size of your community grow and they will become more and more comfortable purchasing from your page.

If you’re not already using Moontoast, we’d love to show you everything our platform does. Check out and contact us at salesatmoontoastdotcom.

Happy holidays, everyone!



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