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Since being plucked from Boston’s Berklee College of Music by Atlantic Records to front the pop group, The Click Five, Kyle Patrick has led the band to certified platinum sales, number-one singles in more than eight countries, countless awards and distinctions, and a world tour that saw the band playing to sold-out arenas on three continents as well as sharing the stage with heavyweights like The Black Eyed Peas and Placebo. The band’s much-anticipated third album, TCV is currently being released worldwide. A solo artist in his own right, kp is now working on an EP that truly reveals the creative vision of this talented multi-instrumentalist and is set for release late 2011 / early 2012.


Kyle has been able to engage his fans at many different levels using FanBridge and his strategy has shown nothing but amazing results with an average campaign open rate of 34.8% and hundreds of Fan Questions.

We asked Kyle some questions to find out more about his relationship with his fans and how he has been able to build such a great connection with them.

FanBridge: Your newsletters have all achieved a great open rate (an average of 34.8%). What do you see as the factors for this high level of engagement?

kp: I view them less as “newsletters” and more as an avenue to share content and provide fan experiences… focusing on ways to share what I’m up to creatively, and doing it visually or audibly. Giving, not always asking. Making it a very personal, “high-touch” experience. I’m a very visual person, so in addition to music, I like to share new videos that I make, or ones that inspire my art form.




FanBridge: What kind of content do your fans seem to enjoy the most?

kp: FREE STUFF, right??? I love giving free downloads. I want people to hear my music because I care about it very much. In this beginning stage of my career as a solo artist, the internet enables me to get my music to a lot of people very quickly and I see that as a privilege. Videos are also very well received so I love making and sharing them.


FanBridge: What is one “do” in creating/sending a campaign and what is one “don’t”?

kp: I strive to inspire and surprise people so I think it is important to have a message, have a purpose, and be clear in that message. Don’t just blast an e-mail to blast an e-mail. If your campaign doesn’t really say anything, your open rate will likely go down. Again, giving things is a major “do” in my book.


FanBridge: How have you managed the relationship with fans that know you as the front-man of The Click Five?

kp: The Click Five has been a big part of my life since 2007. I have learned so much from my experiences with the band and from my band-mates, including the value and importance of developing strong relationships with fans.

I appreciate all of my fans, whether they know me from The Click Five, my solo project, or through collaborating with other artists writing or producing. All are essential expressions of my music and creativity.

Building relationships with fans is an on-going process that truly never ends. Fans are a huge part of the drive to continue making music and touring. I recognize and appreciate The Click Five fans that continue to support the band as well as follow me on my journey as a solo artist.


FanBridge: You’ve consistently received a huge amount of Fan Questions. How has the Fan Questions feature contributed to the relationship with your fans, and what kind of questions do you usually enjoy answering the most?

kp: This is actually a great way to stay connected with fans, and it helps me gauge where their interests are and what fans are thinking.

A lot of the questions are about touring, and when I plan to visit specific markets. The occasional relationship questions are fun to read, but I’ll probably never provide this kind of personal info! Questions about my creative process are the most intuitive to answer. I enjoy this part of what I do very much and how spontaneous it is, so I’d say these are my favorite questions to answer. I like all fan interactions, regardless of the content and appreciate fans’ interest in what I’m up to.


FanBridge: What should your fans expect in the near future? Any exclusive news you’d like to share with us?

kp: The next step for me is a very critical one. I am planning my first master solo release, which will be a personally defining moment. I’ve yet to produce recordings as a solo artist that I consider “masters”, or finished material. I released my first EP last year, which was comprised of demos that I considered to be fairly “rough”. However, the release process was a great experience. This upcoming release will be my first solo recording that will be a consistent body of work.

To support this project, I am partnering with PledgeMusic, a fundraising website dedicated to musicians where fans and friends can join in the creative process. Along with raising money for the EP/Video, I’ll be donating a part of the proceeds to MTV EXIT, an amazing charity focused on combating human trafficking. My campaign will launch on May 20th, my 25thth birthday. I can’t wait to get back into the studio and my fans are essential to this process.

For more information about Kyle Patrick check out his website or follow him on and Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to join his fan list!

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  • Mary Rose

    It is our pleasure to support your endeavors. We will always be fans of The Click Five and Kyle Patrick. Thanks for so much great music. Can't wait for what is to come! Love, The Bostonmayos :)

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    Do you people have a facebook fan page? I seemed for one on
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