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This guest post is by PledgeMusic. For more info on PledgeMusic, read our Partner Feature here.


You already know the importance of collecting contact information from your fans through FanBridge and damntheradio, but are you aware of just how much those contacts can do for you? Enter FanBridge’s new partnership with PledgeMusic, a direct-to-fan platform that allows you to invite your fans behind the curtain and into the intimate process of releasing new music.

When you launch a campaign with Pledge, you join a worldwide network of musicians on the forefront of a new movement. These artists aren’t waiting for labels to pull their records off the shelf and blow off the dust. They’re also not searching for investors to give them the green light for their next tour. Instead, they’re actively engaging and fostering relationships with their fans by offering exclusive incentives and behind-the-scenes updates for those who take part in their campaigns.

At PledgeMusic, we pair the most innovative technology of its kind with your social networks to help you maintain your rights, bring new music to the scene and support a charity along the way. The process is simple, really. We help you set up a profile and then you put your FanBridge contacts to work for you. Start a project, set a monetary goal, dream up personalized creative incentives for your Pledgers and keep your fans updated on your progress.

We’ve seen this model work beautifully time and again as we’ve worked with established acts like Vertical Horizon and grassroots indie outfits like Matthew Mayfield. Mayfield has this to say of his experience:

“Pledge is truly helping independent artists and their fans make waves in a new world. By offering more than the standard, artists can see what the fans really want and in turn – everyone wins.”

To become a PledgeMusic artist or to peruse through thousands of artists who already have, visit us at”


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