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With this year’s largest shopping season less than a month away, it’s time for email marketers to get squared away for Black Friday. After a 43% increase in year-over-year send volume on Black Friday in 2018, this year may bring more competition as businesses step up their email marketing efforts to win over customers. Now’s the best time to get started and stay ahead of the game with our Black Friday email campaign checklist.

Define Your Strategy

One of the best ways to get started in preparing for the holiday sending rush is by establishing your email marketing goals for the season. When planning your campaigns, decide on the value you wish to provide for your subscribers. Do you want to debut new merchandise or give a storewide discount to shoppers? Do you want to provide a larger discount for Super Fans? Determining this helps create a clearer vision of what you’ll communicate to subscribers and what metrics you need to track through analytics to measure success.

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Improve Sender Reputation

Has it been a while since your last campaign? Are there some At Risk fans that have been on your list for longer than you remember? If so, your Black Friday campaign may run into some deliverability roadblocks. Getting ahead of your holiday campaign planning also gives you the time to avoid potential deliverability pitfalls by improving your sending reputation through re-engagement campaigns for list clean up or just a quick update or teaser campaign if you’ve been inactive for a period.


Organize digital assets

Once you’ve mapped out your campaign, it’s time to determine how you’ll catch your subscribers’ attention. While your message may be clear, it may help to incorporate visual media to help generate clicks and inform your audience. Save time and headache by preparing the images, gifs and videos you’ll need for your Black Friday campaign ahead of time. Be sure to organize your media library or double check your connection to video libraries for easy access to your assets.

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Why is it so hard to spot your own tpyos typos?


It’s because your brain is too smart. Or as explained by psychologist Tom Stafford, you’re likely skipping a typo because you are performing “higher-level brain functions” called generalizations. A great way to combat your brain from being too smart to catch these spelling slips and grammar errors is to have someone else proofread your work.


This is why we recommend sending a test of your campaign, not just to yourself, but to others before sending it out to your many subscribers. And it’s easier than ever to send to multiple people that will give you the thumbs up or alert you to a change you might want to make before deploying.


To send your tests, select the blue Preview and Test button, which will launch a preview of the current state of your campaign.


Preview and Test 1


Type in one or more addresses to which you want to send a test and separate them out by a space. Added someone by accident? You can remove that single address by selecting the X to the right of the address.


Preivew and Test 2


When all intended recipients are listed, click the Send Test button and we’ll deliver your test campaign to those addresses. Knowing it was proofed, you can give a sigh of relief when you send out this campaign to everyone.



One of the biggest update to the Events module is found in the Module Settings. Here is where you’ll be able to style your event listing and buttons/links to take on any number of looks.


With just a click, set whether or not you want to show the Info link on each event listing. This directs fans to see more information about each individual event (the address of the venue, the time of the event, etc.).


No Info

And if buttons isn’t the way you want to go, you can choose a different Event Layout where upcoming events can be listed in columns or inline.


event layout

And with the ease of changing font colors, font families, and layouts, you can change up your look so easy it’s almost like magic.


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