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Touring can be brutal on a musician, which is why we try our best at FanBridge to help ease the burden so you can focus on rocking out. With our new Events page, we help make it easier for you to effectively promote your events and achieve optimal reach and engagement with your event campaigns. While we provide the tools, we can’t exactly do everything (although we would if we could). But we CAN provide you strategies to get the most out of our Events feature.


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In Your Neck of the Woods

If you’ve got a big tour coming up, you could always send emails to fans in a specific region where you have a string of tour dates planned. With our Events module in the Template Tool, you can choose which events you want to use in a campaign. If you have the geographical information of your fans, you can geo-target your campaign so only they receive it. You can also send reminders as you get closer to your performance dates and even a pre-show reminder if there are still tickets available.


Rock, Reuse, Repeat

If you have a recurring event; maybe a residency, a favorite local bar to perform at or an extra night to add at a venue, you can easily reuse your info quick and painlessly.


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Pre-show Warmup

Well-curated content is perfect for building hype for your show. Maybe show off some awesome photos from your previous performance or tell your fans about the new merch you’ve prepared for this tour. You could even target this campaign to different FanRanks. Remember, Super Fans are probably more willing to shell out big bucks for merchandise than Casual Fans.





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You could also use this opportunity to shout out any supporting acts on your tour, especially if they’re a local favorite. It helps to build a supportive relationship with other artists and also shows fans that there are more acts playing that they might like.


Lastly, you can send a pre-show free download for all the fans that are seeing you that night OR if you’ve recorded your performance, perhaps a live version of one of your singles for the fans that couldn’t make it to your show. If there are any At Risk fans in the area, this is a perfect way to grab their attention.


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Team FanBridge

With our new Events page update, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to reuse event information. If you have a venue residency or just a favorite venue, this feature is perfect for keeping your fans in the loop with ease.


To get reuse an event, simply click the curved arrow button. From there, you can edit any event info. The event name, time, venue name and venue website will be automatically reused but can be edited as well. You must include a date, time and venue name before you confirm the event.
Once the required fields are completed, click Add Event and you’re all set!

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Team FanBridge

New Events Update

Good news, FanBridgers! We’re happy to announce our newly updated Events page. We’ve upgraded the layout and added a couple extra tweaks to help make our platform more useful and easy to manage.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.13.53 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.14.50 PM

Our new, seamless layout allows you to browse your posted events with ease. Now that we’ve separated past and upcoming events, there’s no need to sift through old events just to make an edit or delete a future event.

We’ve even added a feature that allows you to re-use event information. If you have a residency at a venue or just a favorite local spot to play at, you can simply click the Reuse icon and the important event info will be copied over. And you can still make any changes necessary before adding the event to your FanBridge calendar.


With our newly renovated page, you may have noticed a new source to add events from: Bandsintown! Now you can sync your Bandsintown account and add your events just as easily as you would from SongKick or Artistdata. But be careful! You can only link one event calendar service to FanBridge at a time, so be sure to connect the one you primarily use.

Our events feature can be used in our Template Tool, dropped into newsletters, embedded in your blog or website and is available from your Fan Action Page.

Update your events on FanBridge today and let your fans know where they can catch you next!


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