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4 ways to improve your


So you’ve finally set up your sign up form front and center on your website. Now your fans will flock to join your mailing list, right? Not always. While setting up a signup form is a great first step, there’s always more to do to receive an excellent rate of conversion.


What is “conversion”?

Let’s kick things off by explaining what conversion is. It’s simply when a person visiting your site performs a desired action (i.e. signing up for your mailing list, buying tickets or merchandise, etc). If you divide the number of people who subscribed to your list over a period of time by the total number of site visits during that same time period, you’ll find your rate of conversion. This is what you want to increase.


Offer Incentives

We’ve mentioned before how to set up a free giveaway to new subscribers. It’s an excellent way to encourage new and old fans to join your mailing list. A free song, PDF or coupon could be that little extra push fans need to sign up.


Info fields: Less is more

Have you ever filled out a survey online and by the 8th page, you’re wondering if the end is in sight? Well, if you’re requesting tons of info from your subscribers, they might have the same feeling. Fortunately, there’s only so many fields to choose from when creating a form through FanBridge. But unless you plan on creating geo-targeted fan groups and campaigns (which you only need a fan’s zip code or city & state for), just an email should be fine.


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Test what works best

Change up your call to action, edit the form’s size, or maybe just mess with the color scheme. You could even try an embedded form one week, and switch to a pop-up form after that. There’s plenty of ways to find out what your subscribers respond to best. You could even track the performance of your signup forms with widget analytics. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Be sure to test out the actual form after making edits just to make sure fans can sign up properly.



Sometimes, it helps to let fans know WHY they’re joining your list. You can always edit the headline of your signup form to let fans know what they get out of signing up. Inform them a bit of the content they’ll receive in the newsletters you’ll be sending them and how frequently they’ll be sent. (i.e. “Sign up for weekly announcements, tour dates, merch coupons and more!”)


Getting fans to subscribe to your list can feel like an uphill battle sometimes. But an excellent signup form can be just the right tool you need to set yourself on the path to victory.


Set up a sign up form today to build up your mailing list!

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If you keep track of your weekly account summaries on a regular basis, you may have noticed something different about this week’s email. That’s right, we’ve given your weekly account summary a sleek update!
You can now navigate to relevant pages easier, quickly see mailing list and social growth weekly comparisons, and it also reads well on any device.

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email faux pas

Email marketing isn’t anything new, but it can still be considered an ambiguous concept. There are many tips and tricks out there to improve any email marketing campaign. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid unsubscriptions.


1. Too long; Didn’t read

Snippets of blog content in your campaign is appropriate, especially when it consists of important information you wouldn’t want your subscribers to miss. But copy/pasting an entire post can be overwhelming for your subscribers. Talking about every single detail that you already posted on your blog is a waste of space in your emails. And if subscribers are reading the full post in your campaign, why should they visit your blog? Remember, balance is key.



This campaign from FiveThirtyEight is a perfect example of a short & sweet post description.


2. Sensory overload

We’ve all been guilty of it at some point: trying to grab readers’ attention with lots of pictures, gifs, videos and more. But this can actually distract from the overall message of the email. On top of that, it can hurt your deliverability. Email service providers use text to predict if your campaign is spam or not. A campaign that is almost entirely comprised of images could be seen by spam filters as attempting to hide information and may send you to the junk folder. Visuals CAN help your email if used correctly, but be sure to maintain a healthy balance of visuals and text.

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3. Inconsistent layout/theme

If your color scheme is all over the place and you’ve used different fonts in every campaign, your subscribers may wind up confused if they’re not already put off by the mishmash. Try to stick with one consistent theme for your campaigns. Stick to one font that fits your brand image. You can always edit your global settings to create a coherent theme for all your future campaigns. If you don’t want to start from scratch every time, you can also simply copy a drafted campaign or reuse a sent campaign.

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4. Proper links/content

When a fan subscribes to your list, they’re trusting you to provide compelling, safe content that relates to their interests and lifestyle. If you’re putting out incorrect or irrelevant information or providing links that redirect them to unexpected webpages, fans begin to lose that trust. This is why you should always make sure your content maintains a consistent message throughout your campaign. Double check your content and any links you provide to make sure everything is as it should be. You can also send yourself a test email for a full preview of the HTML and plain text versions of your campaign.
A great campaign usually consists of four components: text content, visual content, formatting and links. Campaigns without a proper balance of these aspects can sometimes cause fans to unsubscribe or mark your campaigns as spam, harming your sender reputation. It can be challenging to include these elements in a cohesive manner but, in the end, it can really pay off.

Get started on a campaign today!


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