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January means a new year, a clean slate, and sometimes not much else.  When you don’t have a whole lot going on, it can be hard to determine whether it’s even worth sending a newsletter to your fans.  If you don’t have any updates, what are you going to write about?


It’s important to remember that your fans are excited to hear from you, no matter what.  Additionally, sending regularly is a key practice in keeping a clean email list.  If you don’t have anything coming up soon, let them know what they can expect to see from you later in the year, or tell them what you did over the holidays.  They’ll be so excited that you wanted to share that with them.


We came up with a few ideas of what else you could share with your subscribers, plus we made a MadLibs-type fill-in-the-blank message if you have trouble composing your own.  Make it as serious or nonsensical as you’d like, and share your results in the comments!


Fun Things to Share With Your Fans:


Free Download


Even if you don’t have a finished product, fans don’t care!  Give away a demo recording or a PDF of some notes you scribbled on a napkin.  They like an inside look as much as they like a polished piece of content.


Not sure how to do a free download on FanBridge?  Download our FREE PDF Guide.


Your Bad Ass Spotify Playlist


Because we all have one.




Your Instagram #2015BestNine


Here’s ours:




Get Yours Here

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Your Most Dramatic Middle School Journal Entry


This should read something like, “On October third, he asked me what day it was.”




Your Favorite GIF of the Last Year


Hands down, this is our favorite:




Need help composing a message along with that?  Check out our Mad Libs, and fill in your own blanks.  Share your results in the comments!


Hey !

I hope you’re enjoying your so far, and I hope you had a great .  Over the holidays, I my and I saw a(n)  a(n) .


My New Year’s Resolutions include:


to the more

Being to my


Having more


In 2016, I’m looking forward to meeting .  I have awesome projects coming up, including a(n) and , and I can’t wait for you to them!


See our serious version:


Hey fans!


I hope you’re enjoying your year so far, and I hope you had a great holiday.  Over the holidays, I visited my family and I saw a dog chasing a rabbit.


My New Year’s Resolutions include:


Going to the gym more

Being kind to my mother

Worrying less

Having more fun


In 2016, I’m looking forward to meeting my fans.  I have awesome projects coming up, including an album and music video, and I can’t wait for you to see them!


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See our ridiculous version:


Hey glasses!


I hope you’re enjoying your hand sanitizer so far, and I hope you had a great breakfast.  Over the holidays, I broke my cheeseburger and I saw a present opening a human.


My New Year’s Resolutions include:


Going to the DMV more

Being politically correct to my dog

Trying less

Having more cake


In 2016, I’m looking forward to meeting my roommate.  I have awesome projects coming up, including an art piece made of garbage and a podcast about what that art piece represents, and I can’t wait for you to smell them!


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Team FanBridge


Another year has passed, and social media continues to grow leaps and bounds!  We gathered some key information to help inform your social marketing decisions in the new year.  What we found was that social media is increasingly visual and moving toward more in-app actions and seamless experiences.  Check out the info below, and let us know in the comments what you see in store for 2016!


Now, you might be wondering how all of this fits into your email marketing!  We plan to explore many of these ideas and how email marketing can help in the coming months on our blog.  Want to make sure you don’t miss out?  Subscribe to blog updates here.



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Team FanBridge



Happy 2016, FanBridgers!  We’re getting back in the gym, eating kale, and improving our marketing!  Every year, New Year’s resolutions include lofty goals, and we don’t think about how to actually keep them.  So, our first resolution is to define how to achieve our resolutions!  Here’s our email marketing resolutions for 2016 and how to keep them:


Less is More


Think about your goal for an email campaign; it’s usually to get someone to click through to another page, right?  It’s easy to get caught up in email design and get carried away.  It’s also easy to write a painfully long email newsletter without the realization that hardly anyone will read all of it.  Your core message could get lost in a loud design and far less important messages.


To keep this resolution means to keep a few things in mind; key word being few:


Design Elements


When considering an email design, try to stick to 3-4 colors maximum.  More than that will confuse the reader and take their eyes away from the message you wish to convey.


Something else to keep in mind is that black text on a white background is the easiest to read.  While changing it up might seem fun, don’t forget that the main purpose of your newsletter is to get someone to read it.


Calls to Action


It’s easy to write a long newsletter with every update you wish to tell your fans.  Beforehand, make sure you set a goal and identify the main course of action you would like fans to take from your newsletter.  Keep that action as the focus of your messaging, and make sure that anything else you add is supporting content to the main message.


For that main call to action, use something that draws the eye.  Add a button or use our integrations with SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube to draw the eye to a play button.


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Send Targeted Messages


It’s important to remember that each subscriber on your list is an individual, and they will not react the same to the same message.  A well-targeted campaign will perform far better than a generic campaign sent to the masses.


To accomplish this, a keen look at your campaign analytics might be necessary, but there’s a few general rules you can follow as well:


Send to Super Fans More Often


Your Super Fans are the most engaged, and they are always excited to hear from you.  A simple google calendar reminder and a quick targeting adjustment (see below) can build an even stronger relationship with your most loyal fans.



Send a Different Message to Undefined Fans


Your Undefined fans are those subscribers that haven’t opened a single email yet.  Keep this in mind as you create your campaign and try to find something that might entice them to open that email.  This could be a special discount or coupon, a giveaway, or a contest.


FREE DOWNLOAD [PDF]: Free Giveaway Guide


Geo-Target Special Events


If you ever have a live event, and especially if you’re touring, promote those events to those who are actually in the area and can purchase a ticket.  Use the Geo-targeting feature on FanBridge to send to a certain city, or use a zip code with a radius.  If you send too many irrelevant emails to fans, they’ll stop paying attention altogether.


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Keep Your List Clean


Something that many people don’t realize is that your list can go bad, just like the milk in your fridge.  Something else people don’t realize is that bad email addresses can affect your ability to reach your most supportive, valid subscribers.

What makes an email address “bad?”  This means the email address is old or outdated, and no one actually checks that inbox anymore.  It could be that the account has been closed or that the inbox is full.  If you’re not sending to a valid inbox, your campaign is more likely to be marked as spam, and it could even get you in trouble with the law.


So, how do you keep your list from “going bad?”  There’s a few simple answers:


Keep an opt-in list


If your list is not opt-in, you might end up in a sticky situation.  An opt-in list means that everyone on your list has voluntarily and knowingly joined your list to receive emails from you.


This means that you did not:

-purchase this list

-use a list from your previous business

-get your friend’s email list

-add your email contacts like jyt6uyatcraigslistdotorg or serviceatverizondotcom

-add random email addresses that you found online


To keep an opt-in list, it’s best to use FanBridge’s signup tools and grow your list organically.  Share your Fan Action Page, Use Fan Questions, and embed signup form widgets to collect emails.  Every signup is sent a confirmation email so they know what they signed up for.  You’d be surprised how this affects your sending reputation and open rates.


Send regularly


It’s important to weed out bad email addresses as they go.  A very small bounce rate for an email campaign is normal.  However, if you let that build up, a high bounce rate could be detrimental.

If you send to your list on a regular basis (let’s shoot for monthly), you’ll be certain to keep a clean list.


Literally Clean Your List


Has it been awhile since you sent an email?  Make sure your next email is a success by cleaning out your list.  By using the Search & Manage feature on FanBridge, you can find and remove email addresses that are not doing you any favors.


If you search for Undefined Fans, you’ll see all of the email addresses that have never opened an email from you.  Combine that with a Date Added search to find older Undefined Fans and see the email addresses that have been on your list for a long time and never opened an email.



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There you have it!  Start off 2016 with a clean list and targeted campaigns that your fans will open and click.  These few simple solutions will make a world of difference!




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