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GIFTips are back and better than ever! Here, we’ll provide you tips on how to improve your campaigns and hopefully build stronger engagement between you and your fans. Today’s focus: how to insert modules (audio, video, images, etc) using the Template Tool.
To add a module, just select what kind of media you want to display and drag it to a space on the campaign template.
If you’d like to display multiple videos, images or audio modules, choose from the drop down menu and drag it over.
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Screenshot 2016-04-21 21.59.55
Screenshot 2016-04-21 21.59.40
Now hop to it, FanBridgers!

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Featured FanBridger (1)

No doubt about it, Texan ethereal rock quartet Explosions in the Sky are on a hot streak.



From selling out shows, adding stops and performing at countless major festivals to the release of their new album, The Wilderness, Explosions in the Sky is hard at work to share their fuzzy, uplifting sound with the world. The album, a proper successor to their 2011 breakout release: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, has furthered them on the path to transcend the post-rock genre they’ve been a part of since their start in 1999. To promote the album’s release, the band created images for Twitter and Facebook that revealed the track list, song by song.




As accompaniment to The Wilderness, Explosions in the Sky released a visual art project, Scenes from the Wilderness. It features photo manipulations sequenced to their music to perfectly capture the glowing highs and creeping lows found in every EITS song.



Just last week, the group also performed their single Disintegration Anxiety on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!



With an ever-growing list of tour stops, performing at festivals like Glastonbury, FYF, Primavera and more, Explosions in the Sky show no signs of stopping any time soon. Catch them on their globe-spanning tour throughout the summer and join their mailing list for tour updates, news and more!


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#MerchMadness (1)


If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may notice we’ve been playing around with a festive hashtag: #MerchMadness. We swear it’s not a typo. We’re just celebrating all of the interesting merch we come across from artists powered by FanBridge! ICYMI, here’s some merchandise from FanBridgers that’s really wowed us lately:


Don’t talk to Tegan and Sara unless they’ve had their coffee…


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There’s mornings and then there’s MORNINGS. And touring veterans Tegan and Sara can definitely relate. With this coffee mug, you’ll feel like you can muscle through any grueling tour stop (or, for us, any 9am meeting) like a champ. And Tegan and Sara’s awesome merch doesn’t stop here. You can also check out this hilarious tee from their “Not on Tour” tour or these precious pins of Sara’s cats, Holiday & Mickey.


Hot Pink for the Hot Sun


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  Not only are these styling frames available at Darren Criss’s merch store, he’s also rocking them 24/7. With such a signature style integrated into his brand, every major Darren Criss fan’s sure to keep one of these close by to show their support.

A Touching Tribute to The Thin White Duke


A photo posted by FanBridge (@fanbridge) on

Early this year, we lost a very influential artist, David Bowie. To honor his legacy, Amanda Palmer released a string quartet tribute album on her website. Featuring close collaborators of Palmer’s, including Neil Gaiman, and hits from Bowie’s extensive library such as “Heroes” and “Space Oddity”, this album is a wonderful way for Bowie fans to remember the Starman. Like the rest of her work, Amanda Palmer allowed her fans to pay whatever they wished and donated proceeds to the cancer research wing at the Tufts Medical Center.    

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Play along like one of the greats!


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Lindsey Stirling devotes lots of love to her fans. Her love really shows in these awesome books of sheet music she sells on her web store! From top-100 jams to soundtracks from classical plays, Lindsey inspires her fans to play along to hit songs on the violin just like her!

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Walk The Moon speaks out for love for all


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Cincinnati-bred quartet Walk The Moon are quite the vocal bunch. When they’re not belting out hits on stage, they’re taking stand for equal rights with this tee with a strong, brave message: Equality for all.


Merch with Cat-titude!


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We may or may not have picked this one just to make that pun. Ok, that’s a lie. We’re just suckers for some cat-themed merch. And we’re DEFINITELY loving this silly tee from The Octopus Project.

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 Vinyl’s not dead


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No merchandise collection is complete without a copy of your favorite album or single on vinyl. Whether you collect them for the warm, high quality sound, for the big, beautiful artwork, or just to look cool (we won’t tell), Vinyl’s made a huge comeback in the past decade and in our opinion, it’s not going away anytime soon. Here’s a little glimpse into our collections!


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