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Who has the time to master HTML when you’re busy being great at all the other things you do? Yet, that doesn’t mean the quality of your email campaigns should suffer.
Introducing – new email templates!

Free Email Templates

They’re easy to edit and guaranteed to look good. Each professional email template comes with the option of three separate customizable layouts. You can choose from a basic single table design to a newsletter layout with side columns. Our designers have already created text formatting, image placeholders, and spots for links. Once you swap in your own content, you’ll have an attractive, pro-designed email newsletter. Even your images will automatically resize.
Professional Email Template
There’s a selection of free email templates, with additional designs for available for FanBridge clients on a pro plan. The best part? There’s no downloading, coding, copying and pasting, or editing necessary. Find our new templates built directly into the FanBridge campaign editor. Just go to create a new email campaign and choose the Template Tool to access email templates.

Want professional email newsletter templates for your campaigns? Preview a few of the new templates below or login to your FanBridge account now. Access templates by going to the Campaigns tab and creating a new Email Campaign with the template tool.

Email Template  Email Template  Email Template  Email Template

  • Greg Lobkowski

    very cool

  • Allyson Steffey

    Such a great templates. I would like to use it for business newsletter.

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