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You’ve asked for it, and here it is!

We’ve heard your questions and requests on how to integrate video content within an email, so FanBridge has added a new tool that can easily deliver your videos to your fans’ inboxes.

Previously, displaying video thumbnails in an email was a tedious and difficult process that took a lot of steps. With FanBridge’s new addition to the campaign editor, you can now easily add any web-hosted video as a part of your next campaign. All you need is your video’s URL and FanBridge will do the rest – creating a linked thumbnail image.

The video image will link to your video on YouTube (or other video provider) where fans can enjoy the clip online. And if you have a FanBridge Pro account, click-throughs to your video will be tracked as part of your campaign analytics. Not only can your campaign improve in the type of content you provide, but all of the views will be reflected on your YouTube play count (and possibly overall channel views). The play button on the video image is it’s own call to action, too. It’s like saying “Click Here”!



To insert a video into your next campaign, simply create a new campaign in either the Standard HTML Creator or through the Template option.

On the editor toolbar, select the image that looks like a filmstrip.

In the Insert link to video pop-up window, copy/paste your video’s URL into the video URL field.

Click insert and voila

Your video has now been added into your campaign and you are ready to wow your fans.  Once you send out your campaign, be sure to track your play count to see how effective it was at driving traffic to your video.  Also, be sure your YouTube channel is synced on your SocialStats dashboard so that you can watch your channel views increase as your fans tune in.

  • gogirls

    What a great addition! I'm so impressed with your ongoing committment to making our life easier and making us look so great when it comes to our mailing lists. Keep it up!

  • FanBridge

    Thanks Madalyn! We are really glad to hear that!

  • lauramariemusic

    Woops! Can't get it to work. I made sure the video was public but I still get an error message. Any ideas?

  • FanBridge

    Hi Laura, sorry to hear that! Please send your account representative Heather (heatheratfanbridgedotcom) the video URL. She will look into the issue and get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

  • Felixfilms

    can’t get it to work   – in the first instance the insert and cancel options are not there and nothing happens when I enter my ULR

  • FanBridge

    Hey Felix – someone from our client service team is reaching out via email to get some more info about the bug you’ve encountered.

  • Jay

    This does not work!

  • FanBridge

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    We’ve received your support request: Re: New comment posted on New Feature: Email Saved The Video Star
    Your request (#58980) has been received and is being reviewed by our Client Service team.
    Left something out? Reply to this email or click the link below:


    Disqus, Sep 19 12:36 pm (EDT)

  • FanBridge

    Hi Jay – One of our client service team is reaching out via email to get some more info about the bug you’ve encountered.

  • paul

    is it possible to change the thumbnail on the video display?

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