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Over 70% of fans who ask a question with FanBridge Fan Questions signup for the fan list afterwards. So, why should this powerful (and fun!) fan base-growing tool live solely on your Fan Action Page? We love Fan Action Pages, but your online universe is much, much larger than one landing page. Use the new Fan Questions Widget to embed your most recent answers and let fans ask questions from your website, blog, Tumblr, or Facebook page.


Why Fan Questions?

- Fans get the opportunity to engage directly with you

- Unlike Facebook and Twitter interactions, you’re collecting fan data and growing your list

- Fans get to easily read and share questions you’ve answered from other fans

- Only the questions you answer are shown publicly

- Respond to fans with text answers or video

- Answer questions on-the-go with the free Fan Collector App (iPhone/Android)

 Lauren Fairweather FAQ with Fan Questions Widget

Generating the widget is easy. Login to your FanBridge account and select Widget under the Fan Questions menu. Choose your size, highlight color, and theme. Then, click Publish and Share to get the code and let your fans know about the new widget. The code can be added to any page that accepts custom HTML and javascript.

DC Cardwell Fan Questions Widget on Website

Need more help using the widget on a specific type of page? We’ve made videos for Tumblr and Facebook setup. Adding the widget to your personal website will depend on how you edit the page. However, we’re here to help with any questions you have. Email us  (contactatfanbridgedotcom)  !


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  • Tyler Schuett

    wow it looks awesome out in the native!

  • Sana Shaikh

    I Need more help using the widget on a specific type of page? I try to help make website maintenance simple,