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John MayerEvery FanBridge client should have access to easy tools that guarantee beautiful results. Last week, we introduced email newsletter templates created by our own design team and before that, a Timeline optimized Facebook Fan Page design. Now we’re announcing a full redesign of your Fan Action Page, the landing page that comes with your FanBridge account. Your sign up page, events calendar, and Fan Questions tab just got a major makeover.

But I already have a website? Why do I need my Fan Action Page?

You need a Fan Action Page because it guarantees a place for fans to join your list, find out event information, and engage through Fan Questions. When you have many followers/fans/friends on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook,  and you want to get more fans on your email list (since email is a more valuable channel) you need an easy-to-use landing page to send those people to so they can signup for your list. Plus, the event information you add to your Fan Action Page can be used to automatically include a calendar in your email campaigns. Social Digest also includes upcoming events and recent Fan Questions. By using this simple yet powerful landing page, you’re accomplishing so much.

What’s New?

Fan Action Pages have an updated design that better highlights the content and actions that matter most to both you and your fans. New Fan Action Pages are easier to customize to make them look like your page. We’ve added the same dashboard features that you’ve used for your FanBridge Facebook Fan Page and Social Digest so the Fan Action Page experience is consistent and familiar.

Fan Action Page Dashboard

Sign up

Your sign up form might look the same at first, but we’ve added a handy Connect with Facebook option to speed the list-joining procedure to a simple 2-click process. Connecting with Facebook pulls the information that you’ve chosen to share from your Facebook account and autopopulates the sign up form to save fans time. Fans that aren’t into Facebook Connect can still sign up  the old fashioned way.

Events on Fan Action Page


If you’ve synced any social accounts with FanBridge and/or Social Digest, you’ll see icons for fans to follow you on the Fan Action Page sidebar. We’ve also made it easier to share your page, events, and questions by including share buttons for all these actions.

Check out these great FBer Fan Action Pages:

Aziz Ansari  Kaskade  Kyle Patrick  DeMarco Murray  Bess Rogers  Andrew Bird  Common  Margaret Cho

Your Fan Action Page can be found under the Labs tab in your FanBridge account. So what are you waiting for? Get your page setup now!

  • Final Drive

    This is definitely Excellent! 

    Now we need an incentive on there, ability to change the text to read: “Sign up now and receive 2 free downloads” you get the idea.

  • BG

    Agree, can this be done.