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There’s so much more to creating an email campaign than just typing out the text. There’s creating your plain text backup, previewing and sending tests, and scheduling when the campaign goes out… there’s a lot of steps. And while each step of the process helps you to send out a newsletter with confidence, we’ve updated our campaign creation process to make it easier to navigate between each of these steps.

Now, you’ll find where you can complete each item on the campaign creation process at the top right of the page with the four blue buttons taking you to where you can create your plain text back, preview and send a test email, save your campaign to drafts, as well as continue to the targeting page.


With this new change, you can get to each part of the campaign process in less time as each step shows up on one page as opposed to four. This new process also helps save time for those moments when you need to revisit a step. How much time? We’ve seen this change cut the start to finish time by 30%!

Let’s say you’ve created your newsletter and the plain text backup, then after you send yourself a test email, you notice a typo. Instead of navigating around to get to where you can update that change, you will already be on the page where you can make that edit.

Gone are the days of going through four pages to get through to a final product and send it out when two will do.

Breeze through your campaigns with our new creation process!


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