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FanBridge started as a tool for musicians, but now has plenty of great non-music clients who have found engaging and creative ways to use our tools to help grow their businesses. Just as bands have started to think of their fans as loyal customers, businesses and brands have started using email and social media to treat loyal customers as fans.

Nachos NY is one of the most creative (and delicious) non-music sites using FanBridge tools to grow its business.


Lee Frank, the managing editor of Nachos NY was looking for a way to identify and engage his site’s diehard fans. These fans needed to know about exciting events and new blog posts before everyone else. Furthermore, Frank had some general growth goals in mind, like expanding the subscriber list and hosting bigger Nachos NY events. There’s even a possible Nacho Cookbook in the works, and one day Frank hopes to see the site expand to other cities besides New York.


At the behest of his regular readers, Frank decided to set up a mailing list. His superfans were often missing out on events posted on Twitter and Facebook, so he needed another way to alert them ahead of time.

Frank started the Nacho Mailer and framed his campaigns around larger feature posts, like the essential Nacho Infographic or events like the Guac Crawl. The campaigns capture the personality of the website by using fun graphics, engaging copy, and strong, consistent branding.

Frank also uses the Subject Line Optimizer for most campaigns in order to increase his open rates. Typically, he finds that simpler subject lines (ex. “We Love Nachos”) tend to perform the best.

Since the site essentially started its mailing list from scratch, he needed a way to drive sign ups. By placing the sign up form in the upper portion of the blog’s sidebar, he increased the visibility of the Nacho Mailer to everyone visiting the site.

Although Nachos NY isn’t a music site, Frank found a way to utilize the Fan Incentive feature. He got a friend’s band to record a short theme song to be delivered with each sign up. Additionally, the Nachos Mailer sometimes contains discounts to the site’s merch store and advanced registration notices for the Nacho and Guacamole crawls.


Nachos NY has seen steady growth of its fan list over the past year with hardly any unsubscribes. Most of these sign ups are driven from the website and Facebook, although information is collected at their events too.

The most striking success of the Nacho Mailer is the extraordinarily high open rate. A good open rate is usually between 20-30%, depending on the kind of business sending the email. Nachos NY campaigns consistently have open rates between 40-50%.

For Nachos NY, success hasn’t just been about getting the most fans, but about getting the best fans.


Nachos NY understands the power of the superfan. Superfans tell others about the products and services they love. By catering to these fans, Nachos NY is harnessing the most powerful referral for any business, Share of Voice (SOV). Strong copy and engaging features push fans to get involved in the site and share with others. Nachos NY is thrilled to host active and passionate debates about what should never be in guacamole. They host their own Nacho-centric events and sponsor others that they feel will be attended by potential Nacho-appreciators. Driving sign ups through engagement and following through with incentives helps build fan loyalty. Adding easy-to-share social media links only makes the power of word-of-mouth recommendations even stronger.


If this case study hasn’t made you hungry for some fan engagement (and some nachos), check out Nachos NY and sign up for the Nachos Mailer. If you’re like us and were curious about the expert’s ideal nachos, Frank suggests:

“Homemade chips, a blend of chihuahua and cheddar cheese, ground chorizo, pico de gallo, FRESH guacamole, and jalapenos. Black beans, optional”

Are you a non-music client  and FanBridge has helped you achieve a major business goal? Email danielaatfanbridgedotcom and let us know about it. You could be featured in one of our case studies.

  • emily dovi

    I think you need an Editorial Correction: It's Lee Frank, not Lee Taylor.


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