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More than a drip campaign_card


In case you’ve missed it, we’ve rolled out Drip Campaigns, a new feature that automatically sends a newsletter to subscribers that have been on your list for a certain period of time – whether that’s two days, three weeks, or four months. You can pair the specific timing of your Drip Campaigns to match specific messaging because new and old fans should not necessarily be treated the same. Messaging your fans as if they were individuals will increase how effectively you communicate with them, so we gave  you the power and means to do that.


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Along with the specific timing you can create with Drip Campaigns, you can get even more precise when paired with FanBridge’s Intelligent Targeting. The possibilities are endless, but if you are looking for inspiration on what messaging to send to who and when, sign up below to receive ‘10 Days of Drip Campaigns,’ where we’ll send you 10 different ways you can effectively use a Drip Campaign with other FanBridge tools.