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Your style – like your brand as a whole – is unique to you. And with recent updates to the Template Tool email creator in FanBridge, you can enjoy the same time saving benefits of the drag-and-drop tour date plugin, but with more options to customize the final design of how a tour announcement email looks and reads. Getting you to your desired finished product in lightening fast speeds.


Button Styles

We’ve released more styling options on the buttons modules a few months ago, and now, those styles will apply to the Tickets and Info buttons in your upcoming events. This means you can control the background color, text, border, and button corner roundness so it matches the buttons elsewhere in your newsletter.


Event Buttons 1 Event Buttons 2 Event Buttons 3


To Info or Not To Info

The Info links that appear with the tickets links will direct fans that click on it to see more details about that event: the venue’s address, the start time, etc. But maybe you just want to show the ticket link. To do this, you can easily just click to remove or bring back those links.


No Info

Sold Out Dates

It’s a good problem to have, tickets aren’t available because the event is sold out. You may want to show fans when a date no longer has tickets available, and if an event is marked as Sold Out on FanBridge, it will show up as Sold Out in the Events Module.


Event Sold Out

Event Layouts

Our favorite update here (!!!) is the different layouts available for the Events module. We’ve been reading and analyzing as many tour emails as we can and have created two new ways to display your upcoming events based on recurring trends: dates listed in Columns and upcoming tour dates listed Inline. Use the same customization options in font sizes, font families, colors, as well as link options and alignment to get to the finished product you want.


Event Layout 1 Event Layout 2 Event Layout 3



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