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Damntheradio has a promo banner option. Many of our users like this banner because it can link to wherever they’d like. A lot of artists have chosen to connect with iTunes, Amazon, or merch stores to help drive sales from their Facebook page.

We like this strategy a lot, but what about going the extra mile and offering a coupon on your Facebook page? Think you need a separate page or tab to put a coupon on your fan page? Not so! You can do this right on your damntheradio page.

Since we’re into being all-inclusive around these parts, we’re going to share some non-music examples of ways to offer coupons. This doesn’t mean that bands can’t do this too – the coupon would just be for a discount at the merch table or a code for a percentage off at an online store.

There are two ways to offer a coupon with damntheradio.

The first is to display the coupon when a fan “likes” your page. This is set up using the Advanced Fan Banner module. The like-to-access banner should inform the fan that they can view the coupon tab by “liking” the page.

The Fan-Only Banner should therefore be the coupon itself. It’ll show up once the page is “liked”.

Coupons set up this way provide a simple, easy-to-access exchange for fans while increasing value in “liking” your page. It’s also great for coupons that don’t require printing, like special codes or secret one-day offers.

The second way to deliver a coupon is through the Download Giveaway module. This feature isn’t just for bands giving away free songs in exchange for email addresses. You can upload any kind of file, as long as it meets the plan-specific size limits. This way, a .pdf or .jpg file of the coupon can be uploaded and exchanged when fans submit their email addresses. Coupons delivered this way should have a value high enough to match the email exchange.

Think about your own habits. What would you be willing to “like” a Facebook page for? How about giving out your email? These are two different kinds of fan interactions. Both have value – maybe your like-to-access banner coupon fans are casual fans, while your email sharing download giveaway coupon fans are superfans. They’re both important to engage, reward, and incentivize.

Damntheradio let’s you do all of that in one convenient place.

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  • coupons

    Trading stamps are small paper coupons given to customers by merchants in loyalty marketing programs that predate the modern loyalty card.
    These stamps had no value individually, but when a customer accumulated
    a number of them, they could be exchanged with the trading stamp
    company (usually a third-party issuer of the stamps) for premiums, such as toys, personal items, housewares, furniture and appliances.

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