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Our FanBridge Fan Page Creator has a brand new look for both you and your fans. We’ve launched a redesign of our entire dashboard to make page creation faster, easier, and more intuitive. This includes updates to the editor, audio player, and select modules. Read on to see what we’ve changed.

What’s New:

1. A whole new look to the dashboard. Now you can add and edit all of your modules on one screen.

2. Modules are now divided and grouped by categories like Banners, Social, and Growth.

3. The Super Audio Player! This is a big one. We’ve completely redesigned the audio player. You’ll now set your content access permissions (like making a track “Like to Access”) within the player module. Tracks will pull cover art from your Soundcloud account and fans will be able to sort and listen by album. Artists also have the option to feature specific songs or albums. This is great for drawing attention to new releases, fan-only demos, or Facebook exclusives.


4. Email, plan data, and other advanced options can now be accessed on the “Settings” page

5. Some modules no longer require custom content, like the Advanced Fan Banner, Sign Up Form, Download Giveaway, and the Share Banner. By activating these modules without uploading custom images, you’ll see an automatically generated banner instead. Don’t worry – you can still use all custom content if you’d like!

6. Easily switch between Edit and Preview without having to leave the dashboard.

A lot of these changes come from your great feedback. Login to the FanBridge Fan Page Creator now and come back to share your thoughts in the comments.