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Ever wanted to just send an email to a small group of your fans?  Maybe you live in New York and just want to reach out to locals.  Or maybe, you’re playing a show in Tokyo and you don’t want to bother your fans in Europe.
If your fans can join your mailing list from anywhere in the world, you should be able to send your emails anywhere in the world, right? We couldn’t agree more, which is why we have developed a sender that goes above and beyond the typical capabilities of email marketing.  We want you to be able to send well-crafted emails to whomever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.  This is where our new Intelligent Targeting system comes in.  With just a few simple steps, you can send just the right email message to the right people at the right time.
First, schedule your campaign.  You can choose the date:


target 2
And time zone:
Next, select who you want this campaign to be sent to, which can be done in a myriad of different ways.  Select ‘Is In’ to include the condition in your sending pool, and select ‘Is Not In’ to exclude it.  You can target by group: (1)
You can target by FanRank:
AND you can target by zip code!  Add a mile radius to that zip code to be sure anyone in the surrounding areas is included: (2)
Through this process, we’ve narrowed tens of thousands of fans down to just a few hundred, essentially saving your fans from unnecessary emails and making them pay more attention to the info you want them to hear about!
This geo-targeting is INTERNATIONAL.  With zip code targeting expanded to Canada, Australia, and the UK, target your fans in and near Toronto, Sydney, or London, with just a few clicks.
Not sure if you have all of that info on your fans?  Enhance the geo-targeting of your fans here.


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