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So you’re really getting into this whole Fan Relationship Management game. You know the #1 thing to building a successful (and long term) career as an artist is to get smart about managing fans and making sure to communicate with them regularly across email, social networks, etc.

But how do you know which fans on your list are Super Fans, that will do/buy anything for you, and which fall into other fan segments (ie. Casual Fans, At-Risk Fans)? The answer is simple, FanRank.

How does FanRank work?

The FanRank algorithm automatically tracks all the interactions your fans have with your communications, using the FanBridge Fan Relationship Management platform, and then automatically places fans on your list into one of three Fan Segments (Super Fans, Casual Fans, At-Risk Fans) based on these interactions.

FanRank is a learning algorithm that updates each week, so new fan interactions are always being factored into how fans are being segmented. Fan loyalty can change over time, and FanRank tracks these changes automatically to show you which fans are gaining and losing affinity.

How does FanRank benefit me? How do I use FanRank?

FanRank is the intelligent foundation on which you can build smart fan engagement campaigns and interactions.  FanRank works with all other FanBridge targeting features (geography, groups, etc.) and ultimately gives you insight into the true engagement level of fans on your list, before you send your next campaign. This means you can focus on enabling Super Fans to purchase pre-release/meet & greet tickets in specific geos (and also asking them to help spread the word about the show), while not using up the limited attention of Casual Fans, whom you can communicate with differently.

This is just a single example of how you can leverage FanRank to better understand and target fans on your list, but the possibilities are infinite when you know exactly what kind of fans you’re dealing with – and that’s what FanRank is all about.

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