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When we announced the new additions to the FanBridge Template Tool, one items that was added was a further integration with Instagram into the image library. For an example on what that integration can do for you, consider an Instagram “In Case You Missed It” (ICYMI) newsletter.


Blink and you’ll miss it.


Hopefully that’s not how your Instagram posts are being seen (or not seen for that matter). But there are plenty of elements at play that can make that sentiment feel true from overactive newsfeeds, algorithm changes, and even healthy time well spent off the app.  But you can give your content a second life by the occasional summary with an ICYMI campaign. And creating one for Instagram is now infinitely easier on FanBridge.


You’ll want to start by syncing your Instagram account to FanBridge so the posts you’ve made can be plugged in to your newsletter. Once done, you’ll want to create a new campaign using our Template Tool.


Our version will include our Banner Image at the top, a Headline + Paragraph module just below, three rows of 3 Horizontal Images to make a grid, and to finish it off, a Button Module at the bottom.




With the outline in place, the banner is uploaded, the text is in place to let fans know why they are getting the email, and we set up the button to link to our Instagram profile so our fans can see all posts and not just our featured nine.




To complete the grid of highlighted Instagram content of your choosing, hover over each image module and select the Choose an Image option. You’ll see an Instagram tab on the image library which will show your recent posts. When you insert each one, FanBridge automatically links each image to the post on Instagram.




Our ICYMI campaign is finished. When we send, we’ll be sending fans to view the highlights of our Instagram account they might have missed the first time around. With each image linked to the original post, this can help boost engagement (likes, comments) for each post. And directing more fans to both individual Instagram posts as well as the account overall can help increase the number of followers.


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