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Earlier this week, Facebook introduced its latest feature, the so-called “third pillar” – the other two being the Newsfeed and Timeline.  The social network’s latest development is an integrated search engine called Facebook Graph that allows users to search for specific connections from the Facebook Social Graph.  For example, you can ask it to search all of your friends that speak Italian or all of your friends who have liked the Annoying Orange page on Facebook.

Graph Search is currently in its beta-testing phase and is not yet available to the public.  While it’s not clear if Pages will be able to take advantage of Graph Search — for instance, searching for people who have liked your page and live in Boston — there still will be ways to use your personal account to help with your fan marketing.

Playing a show in upstate New York?  Run a search on your friends who live in the Syracuse area and see if they can help you out by putting posters around campus promoting your upcoming gig.

Or, perhaps you’d like to have a guest cellist for a portion of your set in Philadelphia but aren’t sure how to go about getting one.  Run a search for all of your friends that live in Philadelphia and look at that, you’re connected with a staff member at The University of the Arts.  You’re on your way to getting a cellist!

Graph Search has a tremendous amount of potential for discovery.  Fans will use it to find out what their friends (and friends of friends) are interested in.  If that is you, you might just make some new fans.  For example, if you’re a YouTube Channel and John Doe searches the graph for what videos his friends are watching and some just watched your videos, John will see this.

The Facebook Graph has a lot of potential and we are looking forward to helping you make the best use of it as it becomes available.

Before you can use Graph, learn how to target your Facebook posts to your friends & fans.


    “Facebook  Graph Search ” a powerful tool that has been introduced by Facebook.Till the time of revelation I was just thinking what will be the update from facebook,and didn’t catch till last moment…Its really a mile stone to give a new way to searching  algorithms and thanks for your valueable post!!!!!!!!!


    When it  will launched?Coz it having  few feature that makes it  unique as compare to another search engine.If it  works then I think  google must to upgrade their engine algorithm too.

  • robert williams

    It will  sure make a new dimention in Seraching algorithm.Its not going to beat Google’s popularity as a search engine,but  it  will sure surprise a bit to Google too.

    Mark taylor recentaly visited:-

  • KARL wood

    Indeed it surprised Google and give a new way to but its also right that Facebook search algo can’t beat Google’s algorithms.I just waiting for full version launch when it will be realesed?

  • Guest



    Recently I have read an article where someone made heading Google v/s Facebook search engine.Are both  comparable?My answer is, not now.Facebook having a strong local search engine and its  gathering data from their local server i.e Facebook only,but in case of Google,it crawling data from entire web world ,Google has a global Search.

    In  simple way  I can tell ,Facebook is having best local search and Google having best Global search.


     I am agree with you Duane……Thums Up!!!

  • Katheline simmons

    Indeed its third pillar of Facebook and will definetaly  valuable for there users.But can’t compare Google search engine with Facebook search.


    Graph search under beta testing and How it will improve Facebook pages traffic I have no idea about that yet.I am thinking in my way how it will help seo strategy.

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