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Did you know that you can target your Facebook posts? Your status updates, photos, events, and offers can all be targeted to select groups of Facebook fans. Targeting your updates means that you can send different messages to different groups of fans. What groups?

targeting facebook posts

Target by:

Interested In
Relationship Status
Educational Status


There are lots of options here that will allow you to get more creative with your marketing. In this brief example, you’ll see that we selected to target single women who are interested in men. This brings our total group down to 300 fans out of over 8000.

Targeting Facebook Posts

For most brands, location and language will be the most valuable targeting factors.


Why target by location? Some updates are only relevant to certain cities, regions, or countries. Instead of sharing location-specific content with all of your fans, target these posts so only a segment of your audience will see them in their newsfeeds.


This can be especially helpful when optimizing your content for Edgerank and managing an effective post schedule. We already know that you should space your posts by no less than 3-4 hours. We also know that consistently posting irrelevant content will lower your overall reach. With location targeting, you can post multiple pieces of geo-specific information without flooding your fans with content that doesn’t apply to them.


Try targeting posts for:

- Events

- Special offers in select markets

- Products/Services only available in certain countries



Having a Facebook page allows your brand to have a global reach far beyond what would have been possible before social networking. Your audience can now easily include fans from across multiple continents. Currently, the top 5 countries on Facebook by user count are the USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Mexico. If you’re posting only in English, you are possibly missing a major engagement opportunity.

Facebook Countries

By going to your Insights and viewing Likes, you can see the geographical and linguistic breakdown of your fan base. See a prominent following that speaks a language other than the one you post in? Try targeting content in that language.

Be careful! Google translate is great, but it’s far from flawless. Try to find someone who speaks the language you’re posting in for a little guidance. Some mistakes can be inappropriate and/or offensive and will harm your brand! 

Not ready to target your Facebook posts? Brush up on the basics with 3 Keys to Facebook Success. Download your free copy now.

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     I don’t see the targeting button under my status box. Just an option to schedule/backdate post, select location, and promote on the right.

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  • Zoqfojoongwuocuyesoinng Azoqfo


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