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Have you ever wanted to schedule a YouTube bulletin to your channel subscribers to send in the future but weren’t sure how?  It wasn’t actually possible until recently, but now you can, with our recently introduced integration of YouTube into our Social-NET campaigns feature.  This improvement enables you to post a bulletin to a YouTube channel subscribers directly from FanBridge.

Okay, this sounds great.  But what exactly is a YouTube bulletin and who sees it?

A YouTube bulletin is a post that appears on your channel subscribers’ feeds as well as on your channel page under recent activity.  It can be a simple shout out to say hello, a link to a new video you’ve posted to your channel or anything else you want to say in less than 1,000 characters.  Previously, you could only post bulletins from your YouTube dashboard.  But now you can create and post YouTube bulletins from your FanBridge account via a Social-NET campaign.

But wait, there’s more!

You can also create your posts in advance and schedule them to go out at a specific day and time.  This can be especially helpful if you plan to release a new video at a specific day/time in the future.  Maybe you want to announce your new videos every Wednesday but you don’t want to have stop what you’re doing at 12 noon on the dot to tell your channel subscribers about it.  It’s easy to create a Social-NET campaign within FanBridge and schedule it to go out at the time that you select.  Not only does this make it simpler for you as a YouTube creator, but it allows you to coordinate your promotional efforts across all social networks and post at better hours during the day.  If you are up until the wee hours of the morning creating the best video of your life and share it immediately, chances are your bulletin will not get seen.  Instead, schedule that bulletin for the future so that you can get your beauty rest.

Don’t think it can get any better?  It does.

Not only are you able to schedule your bulletins in advance, you can also push the post to any other Facebook or Twitter accounts that you have synced with your FanBridge account.  Reach your friends, followers, and subscribers with one, simple set up.  It is the most simple solution to date.

Click here to learn how to set up your Social-NET for sending YouTube bulletins!


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