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Twitter is hopping on the visual content bandwagon and changing their profile design to include Header Images. These are large, engaging backgrounds for your profile information. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Header Images can be added by going to or going to your Twitter settings page and clicking design.

change twitter header image

2. The Header Image you choose cannot exceed 1252 x 626 and must be under 5mb. The closer you are to these dimensions, the better the image will look since Twitter automatically resizes your header. Small images will distort!


3. Your profile image and information will appear over your image, so choose an image that either:

- Keeps it simple


- Doesn’t have a central focus


4. You can reposition and resize your photo after uploading, but moving the Header Image around can result in blank white space around the image.

Let’s look at two examples of the new Twitter Header Image:

Justin twitter header image


Justin shows how a complex image can work. Yes, there’s a lot going on, but the image doesn’t focus on one central item, so the text and profile image do not block the Header Image.

bad twitter header image

I’ve (purposely!) made poor choices for my Header Image to show what can go wrong here. I’ve picked an image where the focus is a face in the center of an image. My profile picture and information completely block the image. I also tried to reposition an image that wasn’t oversized. This results in that white strip on the left of the image.

good twitter header image

Ah…much better.

Have you added a Header Image to your Twitter page? Share your new Twitter Profiles in comments.


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