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Do you need to know how to add an email signup form to Tumblr? Well, you’ve come to the right blog! We’re sharing our two favorite ways to collect emails on Tumblr by embedding signup forms.

1. The Header

This is our suggested method because your email sign up form will be in a noticeable place on every page of your Tumblr. Open up your dashboard to begin editing your theme. Paste the code for your form into the “Description” field. If you’re using a FanBridge form, we recommend the small flash forms, as they work best (visually) with most themes. However, the way your signup form actually looks depends on your Tumblr theme.


2. Redirecting a page

If you don’t want the sign up form on your page, you can create a new page in Tumblr that will redirect to a point of sign up, like your Fan Action Page. Once again, you’ll need to open your dashboard to edit. Scroll towards the bottom of the grey sidebar and expand the section called “Pages.” Click “Add a Page” and open the menu at the top to select “Redirect” instead of “Standard Layout.” Enter the URL of the page to which you’d like to link. Now you will have a link on your page that goes directly to your Fan Action Page.

Tumblr is a very popular platform for music, fashion, and sports websites and blogs.  While it does include features that let people follow your Tumblr, you also want to make sure you are collecting fan email addresses to build your own list.

If you’re already a FanBridge client, you can create your custom signup forms on the “Signup Forms” tab in your account. Not using FanBridge? Learn more here.



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