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As 2017 quickly approaches it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Before the new year arrives, capture 2016’s best moments in an email sent to your subscribers. You can thank your subscribers and recap your year all in one while having customizable email content for the holiday season.
Start capturing your year by beginning an email using the Template Tool.

Add a simple introduction highlighting key moments of your year to start things off. After that, fill in the rest of your email by including any achievements, big news/changes or even just your favorite memories.


Incorporate visual content to keep your subscribers engaged and interested. You can add in content like the examples below from:


  • Tours – Pictures and videos on stage and behind the scenes

  • Photos With Fans – Meet and greets, crowd shots from a show or signings

  • Accomplishments – Records, Awards and nominations

  • Top Social Posts – Highest viewed video or your most shared facebook post

  • Latest Releases  - Songs, albums, merchandise and playlists – It is easy to include your music with FanBridge as we connect with SoundCloud and Spotify


Anything that best captures and relates to your year!


Near the end of the message place a link to purchase or your online store if you have one. This would be perfect to promote your music, book or merchandise.

End the email with a look to the future and a thank you to your fans. If you have any exciting news coming up share it with your fans or just simply share your thoughts for the upcoming year. This is a way to keep fans anticipated for the events of the next year. You can even ask your fans to send in questions about next year’s plans via your Questions page to get them directly involved. It is so important to share thanks with your fans for all of their support over the previous year and to wish them the best new year!



Capturing your year will not only show your accomplishments but is a great way to show appreciation to your fans during this holiday season!

Start composing your Yearly Recap email today!