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When you’re promoting a new song, you want to make sure it’s available to all your fans. While it’s always great to provide fans with free content, it wouldn’t hurt to grow your audience in the process. This is where Tweet for a Track comes in handy.

With Tweet for a Track, you can easily share a free mp3 download at no cost with fans in exchange for a simple retweet. All you would need to do is set up your account, upload an mp3 and publish a tweet to let fans know that your song is available to download if they share your announcement to their followers.

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Tweet for a Track allows artists to distribute music to a brand new audience with just one tweet. But that’s not all you can do. With Tweet for a Track, you can also collect the emails of fans who have retweeted for a download, if they have provided their email address. And these emails can be downloaded and added to your mailing list for the low cost of just $3.

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Get started today and discover a new audience with Tweet for a Track!