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Are you going to send a holiday campaign with some joyful text, maybe a picture of a tree or glass of champagne, and not much else? STOP! NOW! HANDS OFF THE CLIPART!

If I had to sum up the theme of the posts I’ve made here so far, it’s that everything is an opportunity. This includes your holiday campaigns. Sure, you could send out a digital greeting card, but why miss the chance to promote yourself and drive sales? The holidays are a great time to hold contests, give away surprises, and offer discounts on merch.

Try setting up your online store to offer a discount to your fan list by sending out an exclusive coupon code. This is a great way to promote some holiday shopping. I usually prefer to offer discounts right around or after Christmas when fans have a little extra holiday money to use on that new t-shirt they’ve been eyeing. The timing is great for a holiday greeting.

We covered giveaways and contests in our campaign ideas post a few weeks ago (Tips for campaigns that go beyond the typical “HEY WE HAVE A SHOW NEAR YOU!” message). These are great ways to give your fans a chance to win a holiday gift. You don’t have to give away something physical, though. Try uploading an exclusive song or photo and attach the file in your campaign. I like to target these to my super fans as a New Years gift for being so supportive in the past.

Upload the file under Fan Incentives & Media Hosting on the Labs page.

Skip checking the Fan Incentive box (this is for Super Fans only, not everyone who signs up) and go straight to creating a new campaign.

Click “Add Link to Stored File” to insert a download location, then target your campaign only to Super Fans.

Have you proposed something original for  your Holiday Campaign? Share it with us!

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