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One of our many new additions to the Template Tool can help add eye-catching visuals to your campaigns. This latest update allows you to search for images through Giphy to add to image modules in your newsletter.


To get started, click or drag an image module over to your campaign. Then, click “Choose an Image” at the top. This will bring up the library of images you’ve uploaded to FanBridge but you’ll want to click Giphy on the right to search for gifs.


giphy search

Add your terms at the top of the window to find the image you want for your campaign. Can’t find the right image right away? Keep checking through the pages at the bottom of the window to discover that perfect gif.

pagination optim

Once you’ve found the perfect gif for your campaign, click the checkmark in the corner to add it to your image module.


giphy add gif


And it’s as simple as that. Now you can easily breathe life into your campaigns with the power of Giphy images!



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