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Surprise!  We got you something.  We know we didn’t have to, we wanted to!  Check your FanBridge account for a gift for you and your fans!


We know how incredibly busy this time of year can be, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard your email list full of your most supportive fans.  We thought we’d lend a helping hand and save you some time by creating a holiday email campaign for you!


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All you need to do is press send if you’d like to say a quick thank you to your fans for their support this year.  You can also customize it as much as you like!


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Simply log in and head to your email drafts under the Campaigns tab.  Look for a draft titled “Holiday Email Campaign.”


Save time and put a sweet smile on a fan’s face.  They’ll appreciate the thought.




With Love,

Team FanBridge


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