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You’ve linked your YouTube Channel to your website, your Facebook page, and your Twitter feed.

links on youtube channel

Something is missing, though: Your Fan Action Page!

Adding a link to your Fan Action Page gives fans an easy and direct way to join your email list after subscribing to your YouTube channel. Plus, it’s one of the only spots on YouTube where you can add a link with different text than just the URL.

awkward black girl fan action page

It’s super easy to setup.

1) Go to your YouTube channel.

links on youtube channel

2) Find the section that says “About YOURNAME’s Channel” and click ‘Edit.’ This is on the right of the page.


link from youtube channel

3) You’ll see a box that says “Add a New Link.” Enter the URL of your Fan Action Page and the text you’d like to use. Try something clear and direct, like “Join the Fan List!”

4) Click “Add” and you’re all set!

Need a Fan Action Page? Click below to get yours for free.


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