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This is part two in Tyler’s series on designing Social Digest. Part one can be found here.

The first step I took was to reformat the message from influencer to fan, the first thing anyone would read.  I chose a better reading font (Georgia) and AJ Magnuson, our VP of Product, had a great idea of taking the first few lines of the message and enlarging it like you might see in a magazine.

 Kaskade Social Digest

This set the tone for the rest of the layout.  Videos are large, aligned to the center, and link directly to where you can watch it and share.

Kaskade Video

Audio has a play button which also links directly to where fans can listen and share. Content is the hero of this design.

Kaskade Tracks

Once I had the hierarchy of content put together I then proceeded to think about design.  Social Digest is an automatically curated email full of the latest social content all being created by one influencer.  In essence, it’s a continuation of the dialogue between fan and influencer.  It just made sense to put the entire message into a large speech bubble to signify that everything in this email was something genuine the influencer had created.

Kaskade Social Digest

Then I took it one step further and placed each piece of content in a minimalistic speech bubble showing that if you were reading a tweet, that it came from Twitter or if you were looking at a video thumbnail that it came from YouTube.

Kaskade Social Share

The last adjustment I made was to reinvent something I feel as though lacks a great identity.  That is the share icon.  I got to thinking about what it meant to share something.   I’ve seen a lot of different types of icons that are meant to convince the user that it was the right place to click if you thought some piece of content you just watched, read, listened to was really hot; The dot branching out into two dots, the plus icons, the thumbs up icon all fell short for me.  They just seem to me like, “Yeah…I’m partially enthused by this so I guess I’ll share it” vs. “This is really hot and I want to share it with my friends because I think they’ll love it.

Kaskade Fire

I chose a new fire icon to represent sharing for a number of reasons:

  1. It supports the notion that I share only things that I really think are hot and worthy of a share.
  2. When I share, I want other people to share it and the correlation of having something spread content like fire made sense.
  3. It’s just a provocative visual that makes you want to click it.  Initially I got a lot of push back, but we did some user testing and people did indeed make a point to say they wanted to click on it for that reason alone.
We may need to continue to champion making that connection of share = fire icon, but I am pretty sure that it will catch on, and who knows, perhaps FanBridge will be attributed for changing the way the world clicks to share things!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Social Digest now!


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