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There have been some changes to the DTR dashboard recently. We reorganized the modules by type so it’s easier to get your page up and running in no time. But we also snuck in a new little module called Events/Tour Dates in the Bonus Features section.

Okay, don’t say it. You just thought, “ANOTHER PLACE TO ENTER MY TOUR DATES? REALLY, GUYS?”, right? Don’t stress! We’ve made quite possibly the simplest and easiest tour date module you could have. Your damntheradio module will sync with Songkick to automatically pull all your existing dates already assembled in the safety of their database. Just like with your Soundcloud tracks, you’ll just have to click on the date to add it to the module on Facebook – all the details will fill themselves in.

Show not on Songkick? No problem. Manually enter your show by filling in at least three of the five data fields. Venue, date, and location. That’s it. You can also title your event and add a link to more information, like a place to buy tickets or to find out about opening bands.

Just like other damntheradio modules, the calendar has customization options so your Facebook Fan Page looks exactly the way YOU want it to. Upload a 520px wide image to be the banner for your events module and use the Appearance module to place tour dates anywhere you’d like on the page.

Now your fans can find everything they need to know right on your damntheradio page.

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  • Lauren Fairweather

    I wish you guys had gone with artistdata as a method of importing tour dates instead of songkick. I thought for sure it would work with artistdata since the fanbridge tour dates do. I play a lot of house parties on tour and songkick rejects almost all of my shows and refuses to import them from artistdata as a result. I only ended up posting 5 out of the 20 something shows I just played because this feature launched once I'd left for tour and I don't get enough time with internet on the road to enter almost every show manually yet again.

    I'm excited that you guys added this feature though, so I can only hope it will be improved eventually. Thank you for working hard for us!

  • The Weatherfolk

    I completely agree with the previous comment. Our shows are already on artistdata, which syncs with our FanBridge newsletter, and I'd love for them to sync automatically with our damntheradio account as well. I'm loving the damntheradio interface, but I'd love to see this improvement made! Thanks much.

  • adalo

    @5139103179496dc6b699c3c362d2b183:disqus & @93e3fdcc84adb3d5465f7cb5e15a0f99:disqus: If you're syncing with Artist Data, you should be able to sync to SongKick.

  • adalo

    However, for those of us who don't sync with ArtistData (we manage all our artists' bookings and more with an awesome tool called Marcato Musician – it would be helpful to have a .csv import. Unfortunately, ArtistData doesn't offer that functionality either and it's impractical for us to be updating DTR will all our artists' tour dates manually.

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