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We have more updates to Social Digest, the free automated weekly email summary of your best social content. Not familiar with Social Digest? It’s a free email newsletter that compiles your most engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. You can learn more about Social Digest here or read on to see the newest updates we’ve made.

Instagram in Email1. New Content Source

You’re already creating automatic social emails with Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Tumblr content. Are we missing something? Oh, right!

Instagram is now a content source for Social Digest.

Why Instagram? Because your fans want visual content. Having an easy way to include your photos in Social Digest creates a better visual experience. Sync your Instagram account with Social Digest to automatically create emails from Instagram content. Free your pictures from the confines of the mobile app and share your Instagram pics directly to fans’ inboxes. You can add Instagram to your Social Digest by clicking “Configure Accounts” on the dashboard.

2. New Dashboard

The new Social Digest dashboard introduces many of the features you’ve asked for, like more scheduling flexibility, social and email analytics, and control over the alerts you receive. We’ve also added design controls. Like your FanBridge powered Facebook Fan Page, Social Digest offers the choice of a light or dark color scheme with custom highlight color.

Social Digest Dashboard

3. Real-Time Preview

Now you can know exactly what content is set to be included in your Social Digest with real time previews. When you send yourself a preview of the digest or receive your weekly 24 hour heads up, you’ll see the most up-to-date content in the digest.

Check out the new Social Digest dashboard by clicking here and logging into your FanBridge account. Don’t have a FanBridge account yet? Sign up here!


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