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This week, your free Social Digest from FanBridge received an exciting facelift.

Kaskade Social Digest Video


In case you’ve missed the enormous buzz Social Digest is generating among FanBridge clients, here’s a really short video about it and why you should use it.


Kaskade Social DigestNew Design

This week Social Digest was completely upgraded with a newer, sharper design that will improve the professional impression of your Social Digest emails and help drive even more free clicks to your social communities.


New Frequency Controls

FanBridge is always listening, and we heard you loud and clear. You want to have more control over the frequency of your Social Digest. No problem.

FanBridge has now given you the power to control whether your Social Digest goes out weekly or biweekly with new controls in your Social Digest dashboard. It couldn’t be easier.


New Content Sources

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud are great, right? Well, we want to give you even more options.

First, we’ve improved the Facebook content that gets pulled into your Social Digest so that it now includes Facebook photos from your photo album. This makes your Social Digest even more visually appealing – so be sure to get some great photos in your album every week or two.

And last but not least you can also sync your Tumblr to be a part of your Social Digest!

Get started now – it’s free, there’s no risk, and your fans are waiting for it.

Go directly to your Social Digest Dashboard or learn more about how Social Digest builds more engaged fan bases.



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