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Festival Marketing

Time to break out the flower crowns and wristbands as festival season is well underway. For many small acts, this season could help make or break a career. But with all the noise surrounding these huge events, it’s a challenge to make sure fans can catch your set. So we’ve come up with a few tips to help you stand out better.


A strong endorsement can go a long way for an independent musician. Why not build relationships and expand your fanbase by cross-promoting with similar artists? You can let your fans know when to catch them live or shout out their latest release on social media. By doing this, not only are you creating more potential opportunities in the future (maybe they’ll return the shout out or, even better, throw some gigs and industry contacts your way), but you’re also providing value to your fans by exposing them to new music to enjoy.

Streaming services

While the heated debate on streaming services rages on, there’s still a few notable benefits for indie musicians on these platforms that simply can’t be ignored. While song streams only pay out a fraction of a cent, if you own your master recordings, you can stand to make a fairly healthy profit if your music is streamed often. On top of that, adding your music to a streaming service allows listeners from all over the world to discover your work. And some services provide listener analytics to help you discover which songs people enjoy most.


Draw the attention of potential new fans your way with free swag! Although we’ve all seen enough post-festival walkways lined with tossed flyers and trampled CDs, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and give away something cool to fans. Provide small, easy-to-produce items for new fans that take an interest in you. And if you’re feeling generous, maybe even hand out a few free shirts to loyal fans to help spread word-of-mouth.


Now that you’re booked, there’s no doubt that festival goers are going to look you up to see if your show might be worth checking out. Why not make things easier for them by improving your SEO? If you have a website, come up with a list of keywords you think potential fans will search and publish content around these keywords to your site. You could also flex your cold emailing muscles and reach out to music bloggers for a mention on their site. The more you’re mentioned on websites, the more priority you’ll receive from search engines.


Besides a nice SEO boost, reaching out to niche bloggers and social micro-influencers whose content relates to your music has its advantages. By fostering relationships with content creators and influential fans on social media, you’re not only nurturing loyalty from that fan, you’re also establishing their role as an ambassador for your brand. Doing so grants you access to a brand new audience that may not have heard of you before.