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Crowdfunding has transformed over the years from a promotion gimmick to a crucial channel of support for marketers. When paired with the power of email, it can be an unstoppable method for allowing creatives to fund their dream projects. To make the best of your next crowdfunding campaign, try using these 3 FanBridge tools:

1. Widgets

You can’t run a successful fundraiser without a supportive fan base. Which is why it’s important to focus on growing your list as you begin your crowdfunding campaign. Kick things off by adding a signup widget to your website or sharing a capture page or your Fan Action Page on social media. And when you’re at events or just on the go, you can collect emails with our Fan Collector app.


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As you collect fans, be sure to segment donors from your main list so you can target them with progress updates throughout your project. Create custom groups through Search & Manage based on when subscribers joined your list (i.e., the date of your campaign announcement) or make sure your widget is linked to a custom group before publishing it on your website or social accounts.

2. Fan Rank

Growing your list is essential for crowdfunding success but it’s just as important to remember the fans you’ve already made. With Fan Rank, it’s easier to determine who you want to reach out to and the best way to approach them by how they’ve engaged with your past campaigns. For example, a Super Fan that has opened your campaigns on a regular basis would be more likely to donate more than a Casual or At Risk fan who only occasionally engages with your content. While it might make sense to approach every subscriber with the same message, fine tuning your message for different fans can help increase your chances of success.

3. Template Tool

Of course, you’ll need to communicate with your fans once your campaign is up and running. With the Template Tool, you can endorse your crowdfunding project with highly customizable email campaigns. These campaigns can include info on your project and the donation tiers available. And if you’re crowdfunding on Kickstarter, our latest video module update allows you to use video directly from your project with just a URL!

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So you’ve announced your campaign and the donations are rolling in. Time to hang it up and call it a success, right? Guess again. You still need to keep fans in the loop on your progress with regular updates on your project. Should you reach your goal, celebrate your fans with a thank you message for their loyal support. And as you develop your crowdfunded project, fans would surely appreciate updates that let them know their money is being put to good use.



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