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lindsey stirlingWith two active YouTube channels; regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and an international tour – Lindsey Stirling fans have an easy way to connect with their favorite violinist in person and online. And this busy schedule doesn’t get in the way of what’s needed to grow her mailing list and keep her fans engaged, which is why Lindsey Stirling is our July FanBridger of the Month!

Lindsey’s mailing list only gets bigger with each new video, single release, and live performance – not only because she is connecting with her fans, but because she makes it easy for her fans to find where they can subscribe.

Lindsey has all the common email collection best practices covered – with signup forms on every page of her website and the FanBridge application published to her Facebook page – but she goes the extra mile by making sure a call to join her mailing list is included in every place fan interact with her. When she offered a free giveaway of her Good Feeling remix in exchange for an email address, she promoted it in the description of her YouTube video using the link to her Fan Action Page, and saw thousands of subscriptions come in. It didn’t take anything super flashy or complicated, just a simple call to action in text.


Paired with her use of other great subscriber growth tools like Fan Questions and reminders to join her list through other social media platforms, Lindsey’s mailing list has seen a consistent growth every day for the past few months.

Want to see mailing list success like this? Do an audit of all your online properties – where do fans go to interact with you on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. – and include an easy way to join your mailing list (even if it’s as simple as just including your Fan Action Page URL). And for that extra umpf, sweeten the deal with a fan incentive for all new fans that join your list.

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