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Looking for highly customizable signup forms in both look and functionality? We have you covered. We are excited to announce our newly updated signup forms!



The first of many exciting updates to signup forms is a new look to the form creation page.

We have updated and simplified the signup form creator so that everything is accessible from one page. The new creator is similar to our new automated email creator, which you should check out if you haven’t already.


The new creator allows you to  easily customize the widget’s colors and settings, add a header, edit text, and upload a fan incentive. Now, any look you can imagine can be created seamlessly in minutes.

To help you get started creating your new signup form, check out this video below.


After you have customized your new form and it’s all ready to go, select: “get embed code.” You will be prompted with a number of options

  • Splash Page:  this code will trigger the form to appear as a front page upon loading your website or blog. This will only show once per person every 30 days.
  • Embed: this code can be used for a static form that you can implement anywhere.
  • Interstitial: a link similar to the splash page but activated when the link is clicked (see example)
  • Direct link: this is where your widget is hosted online

The final product is an HTML5 widget (so it is mobile optimized) and has pulled in Fan Action Page functionality where fans that sign up are automatically encouraged to share their subscription to their friends and followers. Now your own fans can help you grow your mailing list as well.

Create your signup form today




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