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Managing a growing mailing list can be a challenge. With each new subscriber comes vast amount of valuable information and data to inform you about your fanbase. While this info can drive your band’s decisions in the future, how do you sort through tons of subscribers to find what matters?

With the intelligent search capabilities on the FanBridge Search and Manage page, you can discover more about your fans than ever before!


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Whether you’re looking through your entire list, for a specific subscriber, or anything in-between, the Search & Manage page makes it simple to discover more about your subscribers by layering your search criteria. With just a few clicks, you can search fans by their email, location, subscriber group, opt-in status (single or double) and more.


The easy to use interface gives you the power to digest oceans of information in a streamlined way. Search results will display name, email, key geo data, as well as if you have a fan’s Twitter or Instagram handle on file. From there, you can engage on social – bridging the gap between your email and social interactions.




The same powerful search functionality applies to those subscribers that have opted out. Mine your unsubscriber database to see how many emails bounced in a certain timeframe, how many fans unsubscribed that were in a certain group, and much more.



Looking to learn more about your fans?
Head on over to the Search & Manage page and get started today!


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